Zeke Garcia is a painter based in Seattle. His earliest artistic influence came from his father, a humble wood worker and folk metal sculptor. He has spent the past 17 years as a 3D Artist in the video game industry.

    He draws inspiration from his knowledge, philosophy, music, media and the city that he lives to offer images that are modern and contemporary with classical aesthetics of this young painter.

    Zeke is guided by the work of the masters of the past including Sorolla and Sargent, as well as a whole list of living contemporary painters today. He began with a meticulous indirect layered Flemish method but has switched and moving forward by working directly or Alla Prima. He is restless and is always challenging himself to paint both more expressive as well as more accurate and is constantly refining his technique and subject matter to further amplify his unique voice and view.

    His work is part of private collections, locally, throughout the United States, and Internationally, his work in video games has reached worldwide audiences.

   Zeke has been featured 5 times throughout various genres in Saatchi Art collections and was named Artist of the Day, August 26, 2016.

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